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The Dining Room

Children of all ages dine together, in a separate room to their play space. Mealtimes are a very important part of our day, a time when children and adults come together to eat and interact. The tables are laid beautifully and music is played to create a calm atmosphere. We encourage the children to serve an element of their meals themselves, which we believe develops independence and promotes choice-making.


We are very proud of our cooking and have a cook on site who provides your child with healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. Our cook plans a variety of meals – breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks, which are changed frequently.

We understand that children may have food intolerances and/or specific dietary requirements. Because we have a dedicated and knowledgeable cook, we’re able to offer suitable alternatives to meet your child’s individual needs. If you have any special requirements or wish to discuss your child’s eating habits with us, our cook will be happy to chat with you.



Due to the wide variety of formula milk available and the different preferences parents have for their babies, we ask that you provide your own milk. Which will be stored in our kitchen. Naturally, we will welcome breast milk. These bottles will be clearly labelled with your child’s name on and placed in our fridge. They will be washed, but not sterilised and placed in your child’s locker for collection at the end of each day.

Once your baby is ready for weaning, we will invite you to come and discuss your requirements with our cook. Offering healthy, freshly cooked food to be pureed.

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