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The Branch

We believe that this is a very special age, we recognise how wonderful our two’s and threes are and we offer opportunities to challenge their thinking and development. The children are supported by caring, skilled practitioners, trained and experienced in working with 2-3 years. We work hard to develop trusting relationships with families, enabling them to feel happy and comfortable when leaving their child, possibly for the first time.


The Indoor Space    
The Branch is organised into areas where the children can play and learn, moving freely throughout the day. There are opportunities to climb, build, challenge thinking, be creative and to socialise with friends and adults.  This space  includes a wide selection of books, puppets and cosy nooks for children to take time to look through independently or to read with an adult or friends. 


The Indoor Space 
We have a range of musical instruments and play a variety of music from around the world, to create a relaxed atmosphere for both children and adults to work and play together. Within this environment is a soft furnished space, with a snuggle nest and blankets for children who may need to rest throughout the day, respecting the individual sleep patterns of our children.


Parent Communication

You will be kept up to date with your child’s journey through an online system, where we share observations, highlights from your child’s day and progress checks. This is a great way for us to communicate with families and we want you to be involved in the important moments of your child’s journey. As well as this, you are invited into the room to collect your child and have a chat with the practitioners.


The Outdoor Space
There is direct access to two secure gardens in The Branch room, which the children use rain or shine. We believe that the outdoors provide unique learning opportunities. Outdoors we have access to running water, a large sand area, growing plants and flowers. On occasions, small groups of children will use the larger Nursery School garden, offering opportunities for further challenge.

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