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Wingate Childcare provides care and education for children from three months to five years. It shares its philosophy with that of Wingate Nursery School, believing that all children have the ‘right to a good childhood’. Childcare will possibly be a child’s first venture into the world outside their family, therefore we believe it is essential that this experience is of the highest quality. We aim to provide a safe, warm, and homely environment, a stimulating place where children can play, explore, talk, learn and have fun together.

The childcare is incorporated into Wingate Nursery School and the two organisations work alongside each other. 

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors

They are:

  • Paddy Beels – Company Secretary

  • Becky Wood

  • Nichola Hesslewood

Our aims are
  • To work alongside Wingate Community Nursery School, to ensure that children and their parents have access to the highest quality childcare and early education.

  • To give children opportunities to achieve high levels of well-being, in a safe, stimulating play environment where they can enjoy their childhood and become strong, confident, competent learners.

  • Work in partnership with parents, as children’s first and most enduring educators to better understand the children and therefore offer them more appropriate opportunities to reach their full potential through both adult-planned activities and child-initiated play

Contact Us


Wingate Nursery School

Partridge Terrace 


County Durham 

TS28 5BD


Childcare Manager - Ellie Stead

01429 837741

Email -

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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